Precision Builders is committed to designing and constructing the most energy efficient home for you and your family. Our HIGH PERFORMANCE HOMES are constructed to be fully insulated, providing a number of important benefits as follows.

– A more healthy living environment for your family
– A reduction in energy usage by 20% or more
– A home that is environmentally friendly
– More comfortable living in hot and cold weather
– Saving you money and resulting in a good investment

How to Buy an Affordable
Energy Efficient Home
This free guide will save you money & provide your family with a better home.

Home Buyer Energy Checklist
Use this checklist to compare Precision Performance Homes against MN Code Requirements and other home builders.

Comparison Chart
Use this comparison chart to see just how Precision Builders’ Performance Home Packages outperform most of the competition when built to minimum MN Building Code.

Performance Homes as offered by Precision Builders are defined by a number of added tangible benefits that are achieved by incorporating specific building methods and materials and then measured for actual energy usage.

1. Tangible Benefits
– Greater Comfort
– Healthier Living Environment
– Energy Efficiency
– Financially Wise
2. Advanced Building Methods & Materials
– Insulation
– Air Sealing
– Moisture Mitigation
– HVAC & Water Heating
– Lighting, Fans and Appliances
– Windows & Doors
3. Measured Home Energy Performance
– A pre-HERS® estimated rating from plans
– Insulation inspection before drywall is installed
– Blower door test to measure air leakage & sealing